"I am proud to say that I am serving my community the best quality pet door around!"
- Stuart Dahlquist, Owner of Puget Sound Pet Doors
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Stuart Dahlquist, Owner of Puget Sound Pet Doors

 Installation Pricing

Doors (wood, metal, fiberglass) $175.00
Doors (French multi-lite) $235-$335
Walls (frame, non brick exterior) $250.00
Walls (brick) $310.00
Walls (double brick/masonry) $360.00
Concrete/foundations $360.00
 In Glass (door or window)  Varies depending on size of pet door purchased (price includes sales call for measuring, glass, pet door, and installation)
 Panel Inserts (two trips)  $130-$180
 Window Inserts (two trips)  $185.00 
 Screen Models  $145.00
Ramps  $125.00
Security Barriers (simple)  $70.00
Security Barriers (standard dog house style)  $150.00
Flap Replacement  $90.00
Remove and Replace (in glass)  $175.00
Remove and Patch (wall with saved pieces)  $210.00
Remove and Patch (wall without saved pieces)  $230.00

All prices are baseline fees. If I need to reroute electrical or plumbing,  I charge $75 per hour, independent of these baseline fees.


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