"I am proud to say that I am serving my community the best quality pet door around!"
- Stuart Dahlquist, Owner of Puget Sound Pet Doors
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A Door Is What A Dog Is Perpetually On The Wrong Side Of ... Problem Solved!

Stuart Dahlquist, Owner of Puget Sound Pet Doors

Get a Pet Door, So When It’s Time for Your Dog to Go – He Can Get Out!

Life is busy, and so many things can derail your schedule – forcing your dog to wait until you get home to take care of business. Some dogs can’t wait, so you end up coming home to a mess – not a happy homecoming for you or your dog.

With an energy efficient Hale Pet Door, you can rest assured that your best friend can get out to answer nature’s call when necessary instead of having to wait until you can get home.

Puget Sound Pet Doors Will Professionally Install Your Dog Door

With his 25 years in all phases of construction and remodeling experience, Stuart Dahlquist will help you choose the best size and model of Hale Pet Door for your pet and lifestyle.

Stuart will install your pet door with the same attention to detail that he used while installing works of art in the homes of the rich and famous and art museums in Southern California.

Serving the Puget Sound area – including Seattle, Tacoma, Washington, Olympia, Everett and Bremerton – Puget Sound Pet Doors guarantees his workmanship and your satisfaction.

Get the Highest Quality Pet Door Installation with Puget Sound Pet Doors and Hale Pet Door

 According to Stuart Dahlquist, “Hale Pet Doors are far and away the highest quality on the market. Besides being the cleanest design and looking as if the door ‘belongs’ in the house, one of the greatest benefits of owning a Hale Pet Door – particularly here in the Pacific Northwest – is that, when properly installed, they are completely watertight.”

Combining the longstanding reputation of Hale Pet Door with Stuart’s attention to detail, effective communication and customer care – you have a winning combination sure to guarantee your satisfaction.

Don’t Delay – Call Today!

Your pet deserves all the good things you can give her, so call Puget Sound Pet Doors at 425-761-1397 today!