"I am proud to say that I am serving my community the best quality pet door around!"
- Stuart Dahlquist, Owner of Puget Sound Pet Doors
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A Door Is What A Dog Is Perpetually On The Wrong Side Of ... Problem Solved!

Stuart Dahlquist, Owner of Puget Sound Pet Doors

Puget Sound Pet Doors Will Install the Best Pet Door in the Best Place in Your Home

Hale Pet Door makes different models of pet doors, so you can have just the right pet door for your pet in the best place in your home. Puget Sound Pet Doors will help you decide which Hale Pet Door model will work best for you.

When You Want Your Pet to Use Your Door

Get a Hale Door Pet Door so your pet can use your entrance. This is often most convenient because your pets can use the entry that they’re accustomed to using, and it’s already set up for them.

Door Dog Doors can be installed in all types of doors:

  • Wood – solid or hollow core
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Crossbuck or raised panel

When You Want Your Pet to Use a Wall Pet Door

A Hale Wall Pet Door is your best choice if you want to minimize pet traffic in your door area. The flexibility that wall dog doors offer is that you can allow your pet to use a different area of your yard if that’s more convenient than just letting them go out through your entry area.

Puget Sound Pet Doors will professionally install your pet door in any type of wall:

  • Frame with siding
  • Brick or Stone façade
  • Double Brick or masonry
  • Stucco
  • Concrete foundation

When You Want Your Pet to Go Through Your Screen Door

The Hale Screen Pet Door is designed to fit most screen doors or screen porches, so your pet can get out into your yard at will. As there are variations in screen doors and porch construction, Hale Pet Door has a several screen pet door models. The Standard Screen Pet Door fits a half inch thick screen door while the Universal Screen Pet Door fits most screen doors. Custom Screen Pet Doors are available for screen porches.

Window and Sliding Glass Patio Door Inserts for Temporary Pet Doors

If you have a low window, Puget Sound Pet Doors can measure and install a custom pet door made just for your window opening. The Hale Panel Pet Doors fit against the wall in your sliding glass patio door opening. These are custom made for the height of your opening ensuring a good weathertight fit.

Although the Hale Window and Panel Pet Doors are strong enough to be secure, they are more easily removed than the other pet door models.

When You Want Your Pet to Use Your Glass Door

In-Glass Pet Doors are an elegant solution to your pets’ entrance problem. Puget Sound Pet Doors will come to your home and measure the glass in your door, order the notched glass and pet door then come back and install your new glass and pet door.

You keep your original glass, so if you move, the pet door is removable and your glass door will be restored to original condition.

Get Your Pet Ready for Freedom with a Professionally Installed Hale Pet Door by Puget Sound Pet Doors

Call 425-761-1397 today to schedule your appointment with Stuart Dahlquist and make your pet even happier than she is today!